J.B. Beverley - Stripped To The Root

J.B. Beverley - Stripped To The Root


J.B. Beverley - Stripped To The Root
After several years of constant touring with the Wayward Drifters, Johnny Laweless retired from the road, and Dan Mazer moved out to the west coast. This put the band on an immediate hiatus, and forced me into a stand-still. With no band for the first time in a long time, no vehicle, no shows, and a lot of time alone with the guitar, I began writing songs the way I started writing them years and years ago; with no boundaries, styles, or genres in mind. To add insult to injury, around the same time I lost the love of my life and buried two of my friends all within three months. Needless to say, I was beyond broken hearted. I was broken altogether. This record is a collection of songs that I wrote over that period between 2010 and 2012, and is accented by a few choice covers that proved to be rather cathartic for me to perform. This record is a little bit country, a little bit blues, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit old time, and all me. I set out to make a record that encompassed both the various styles of music that I love, as well as the various emotions that I was going through as a writer and as a human being. In that much, I hope that I succeeded in my goal, and I hope that you all take as much away from this record as I ultimately put into it. It wasn’t easy to do, but in the end it has taken it’s own shape and I am proud of it. While this is admittedly a dark album, it isn’t a hopeless one. There is a lot of love in this body of work, and it is just something that I had to do. It’s a record that I had to make.. It’s a record that kept me from doing anything stupid at a time of great peril in my life. I guess it’s my way of giving something back even when I had nothing left to give and nothing left to lose. Sometimes those are the best ones.

This isn’t a Wayward Drifters record. It’s not a Little White Pills record. It’s not like anything I have ever done before. This is a snapshot of me coming out of a dark time in my life and reflecting everything into song. It is truly an example of me ‘stripped to the root’. I hope that it touches your heart and that you take something away from it that you might not have had before. Enjoy.

- J.B. Beverley, August 2013

1. Appalachian Swamp Stomp
2. Get The Wheels A Rollin'
3. All The Little Devils
4. Bit of Pickin'
5. When I Can Make You Mine
6. I Ain't No Nice Guy
7. Nightmare Keeper
8. Disappear On Down The Line
9. Queen of The Scene
10. Some Other Place In Time
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
13. Time Will Tell
14. Stripped To The Root
Bonus Track