ANTiSEEN Belt Buckle

We love belt buckles, lets just say it out loud. Our personal collection is ever expanding and with all of our custom leather work, in the back of our minds was always the possibility of making our own line of etched design belt buckles to add to our collection of custom made products.

Each one of our belt buckles starts from a blank sheet of aluminum or steel and is then water jet cut to our exact specifications. Once we get the blanks back into our shop, the process of etching the designs into the metal takes place and we craft each buckle one at a time. The process is tedious and time consuming, but creating an indelible mark on a piece of metal is a true triumph and makes us quite proud.

In the etching process every single belt buckle comes out slightly different. Some areas are cut deeper than others, but within that erratic approach, each buckle takes on its own identity, creating a truly unique item.

This belt buckle measures 3.6" wide by 2.2" tall and is cut from 0.188" thick aluminum plate.

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