Carolina Still - Hog Killin' Time - 7" Vinyl Record

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Side A

1. Hog Killin' Time

Side B

2. Folsom Prison

3. Six Strings and You (CD Only)
4. Old Black Crow (CD Only)

"Hog Killin' Time" and "Folsom Prison" were recorded at the Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. What an amazing expierence being in the same room where Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many more great musicians recorded and started out! This is a 45 RPM vinyl record but it also comes with an Enhanced CD version as well. The CD has two bonus tracks and when inserted into a computer you can enjoy four music videos including: "Hog Killin' Time", Behind the Scenes of Hog Killin' Time, Hog Killin' Time (Live) and our recording session at Sun Studio. We hope you enjoy this great package!

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