The Beatdowns - We're The Beatdowns - CD

The Beatdowns are an Oi! band formed in Statesville, NC in 1997. There has been a revolving door of band members since then. But the man who started it all, Ross is still at the helm. With Phil being the next longest serving member. With the somewhat recent additions of Tyler and most recently Dan, the band has found it's core. Through a shared love of Punk, Oi! (especially from the UK and Europe), early Hardcore, Rock & Roll and having a good time, the Beatdowns bring a simple, stripped down but powerful sound to the table. No mess, no fuss. No frills, no flash. Too many bands have influenced the Beatdowns to list. Drawing from those influences, The Beatdowns do their best to pay tribute to those who have come before them and to use their music to address what matters most to them and affects them in their daily lives. The Beatdowns aren't for the masses. They aren't the diluted and overly ambitious musicians who use music as some sort of catapult to fame and stardom. They play Street Rock & Roll. And they keep it on the streets. For the Punx, for the Skins. For any of the disillusioned and downtrodden. For the working class. Now...are you ready to Ruck?!? OI!!!

1. Losing The Battle

2. Politicians (Off The Street)

3. Tremont Hall

4. Blood N' Sweat

5. It's Not Fun (Anymore)

6. Individuals

7. My Hands

8. Cheers

9. Ruck N' Roll

10. Evil (4-Skins)

11. No Back Down

12. War On The Streets (The Templars)

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