Hellbound Glory - Snake Charmer - Mens Tshirt

When I started out on ideas for a new merch design with Hellbound Glory, they were interested in an updated eagle graphic. Drawing animals is always quite fun as there are a plethora of pictures to look through online for great reference material. Depicting a snake on the other hand is no easy task as the devil is in the details. The snakes I sketch need to look like no other ones, especially cheesy tattoo flash style imagery. 

One morning while postulating on the eagle imagery I kept thinking about some youtube videos I was watching with various birds attacking animals from above. The size of an Eagle's talons are no match for a snake and can be snatched up before he even knows how to defend himself. 

I wanted a bit more of a story to this illustration though and to open up the idea to loom a bit larger. Upon a bit more research I found more information on the Aztec imagery regarding an Eagle and a Snake. According to legend, the Aztec's were wandering the desert looking for a sign of their god Huitzilopochtli. He told them to find a bird perched on top of a cactus eating a snake and this is where their home should be. They found their sign on lake Texcoco and created the Aztec capital of Tenochtitl, which is now Mexico city and the reason a similar symbol is on their flag.



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