Hembree And The Satan Sisters - F.Y.F - Vinyl Album

Music is the great communicator. From within it, most anything can be felt or emoted and for Hembree And The Satan Sisters, this visceral outlet comes to life onstage. All the members converge from varying musical backgrounds, with a hybrid of punk, metal, country and have shaped a sound that is as catchy as the flu. Here is the first single and video, leading up to the debut full length released on September 20, 2019 entitled F.Y.F.

Current vinyl record colors are Coke Bottle Clear and Black.

Side A:
1. Long Haired Weirdo Speaks
2. Fuck Your Religion and Fuck Your Politics
3. A Devil's Warning
4. Say It To My Face
5. Nothing To Prove

Side B:
1. Rape This Land
2. Dancin’ At Your Suicide
3. Who's Laughin' Now
4. Long Haired Weird Speaks Again
5. I Am Hell


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