Peewee Moore - CD - American Outlaw

Let the countdown begin, until one of the great honky tonk albums of 2015 will be available for your listenin' pleasure. Peewee Moore is about to unleash one hard drivin' and drinkin' sonic brew of real country music, that will be as thick as the humidity hangin' in the air on a warm southern summer night. The album is 16 tracks full of atmosphere, spirit and vibrancy that walks to the beat of it's own drum, leaving the listener to salivate for the next cold beer and one more track. The cure is to put this album on repeat, sit back on the tailgate and let the tunes roll on.

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The cd ships the week of July 24th 2015

Track Listing:

1. Breaker 1-9
2. Underground Queen
3. Wanted man
4. Til My Heartache Comes Home
5. Nickajack Dam
6. If I Can't Win
7. Georgia On A Fast Train
8. Flathead 8
9. Black Cadillac
10. Thunder Road
11. Elmer Gruene
12. Losing Hand
13. Hey Rosalita
14. Where's A Man To Go
15. Woman
16. American Outlaw

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