Call Me Bronco - Six Speed Kill - Split 12" Vinyl Record

Louisville, Kentucky's Call Me Bronco takes Country Music, strips it down, adds a heavy dose of Punk, and turns it into music that makes you want to call your mother and apologize. The melancholy lyrics coupled with upbeat tempos are not in place simply to make us feel better, they remind us we're not alone. The honesty and spirit of Country is intact as is the turmoil and pain. But there is also an element of angst and aggression that drives the lyrics home. The songs are not simply depressing for the sake of the song, but remind us all that we are alive. One can easily be related to the relevance and truth they speak. Regret and self loathing have never felt so right!!

Brand new split vinyl record with Call Me Bronco and Six Speed Kill on limited edition vinyl colors and out digitally everywhere June 21, 2019

Vinyl pre-sale color is Translucent Pink

After Translucent Pink is sold out, we move onto black smoke and blood red

Call Me Bronco
1. I’m Not Being Vindictive; I Just Don’t Want To Hold Hands With You
2. St. Joseph’s Burning
3. Cody’s Song
4. The Day That Punk Rock Died

Six Speed Kill
1. Barbarians
2. Under The Gun
3. Murderbot
4. P.H. Dealer
5. Devil’s On Time

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