Buzzoven - Violent Hits - Tshirt

Buzzoven are releasing their latest collection of Violent Hits on cd and digital format November 4th. This album is a collection of their tracks, that is repackaged and featuring art from Christopher Parry / Sinister Illustration.

1. Intro
2. To A Frown
3. Splinter My Eye
4. Drained
5. Toe Fry
6. Paintake
7. Vagabond
8. Mainline
9. At A Loss
10. Kakkilla
11. Crawl Away
12. Whiskey Fit
13. Symptom
14. Locked Up
15. Junkie
16. Red/Green

Featuring Bonus Hidden Tracks

Tracks 1-6 are from the To A Frown record on Allied Recordings
Members: Brian Hill-Bass bumps. Ash Lee-little drummer boy Kirk. -Screams and prophetic rambling. Oh yeah and guitar.
Tracks 7,8 are from The Gospel According II... Allied Recordings
Tracks 9,10,11,12 and 16 are from At a Loss originally on One Eyed Records
Tracks 13,14,15 are from Revelation: Sick Again on Hydra Head records

All music and lyrics are by Kirk K.Lloyd Fisher except for Junkie.
© & Publishing 2 Headed Baby productions (ASCAP)

Thanks to everyone who helped us out, bought merch andput us up at their home, made us a meal, or provided any help or assistance in our rise and fall to the gutter.
As usual all lyrics and words are merely ramblings during mania, drug induced confusion and depressed times. They all subject to change without notice.13. Left Behind

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