Black Eyed Vermillion


Spawned in the wasteland better known as Austin, TX, Black Eyed Vermillion seems to have been on the music scene in since the dark ages, the music is that timeless. Gary Lindsey, while still the frontman of such menacing bands as "AssJack", is now offering us his softer, more hugable side with "Black Eyed Vermillion". His latest album, "Hymns for Heretics" fuses Gary Lindsey's haunting growls with soulful strings to create a record brimming with musical masterpieces. Black Eyed Vermillion wants to thank you for having such good taste in music!

"The first time I heard Black Eyed Vermillion it made me appreciate Gary Lindsey from a whole different perspective. Yes, the elements of punk and heavy metal are there with Gary’s signature rasped, screaming voice, but this album and The Black Eyed Vermillion sound have so much more: deep movements of blues, bluegrass, folk and country, and even swing. If you thought all Gary Lindsey could do was scream and bleed on himself, you will be astonished with the amount of soul and creativity in his music."-Kyle "The Triggerman" of

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