Black Leather Belt

A high quality belt should last for many years to come and be of a solid weight and texture to insure it holds up to the stress of every day wear. Our custom belts are created one at a time and cut from heavy duty 10 oz. leather to insure a beautiful finish and one to wear proudly. We cut our belts just under 1.5" wide to insure they will fit perfectly and be able to accommodate a substantial belt buckle with two heavy duty screw post enclosures.

When choosing your belt size, measure from the end of the leather fold, which holds the belt buckle and to the hole in which your current belt buckle attaches. From that measurement we use that as a center to then add a few extra holes forward and backward to insure the belt will stay with you for some time to come.

All leather edges are smooth and finished with a beveled cut and handmade In USA

NOTE: If you would like a custom length, easy to do. Can easily customize to suit your needs and make a specified length, finish or adjustability.

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