Full Custom Leather Guitar Strap

We offer up quite a few guitar strap styles and one area in which we stand above the rest, is our fully customized straps. Each strap roughly takes 6 to 8 hours to create and we fully hand craft every element to them. From the cut and stamped lettering to the illustration and finish dye color to make for a truly unique item to be a stand out item on stage for decades to come. 

Have a look at the "Johnny" strap coming to life in a process video:

Send us a message and we can work through your ideas for a truly unique custom guitar strap

The guitar strap is made out of 8 oz. leather that is tanned and softened to be an easily worn for hours upon end. The strap has screw holes cut out for a variety of mounting options and adjusts from 46" inches to 60" inches. The guitar strap is 2.5" inches wide at full width and then tapers on both ends. All leather edges are smooth and finished with a beveled cut.

NOTE: If you would like a custom length, let me know. Can easily customize to suit your needs

To start the process of the full custom strap, upon ordering, email us directly to go over all details.

ralph.knuckles at gmail.com

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