Motorcycle Bed and Jacket Roll

Our motorcycle bed and jacket rolls are built to easily roll up and be attached to any bikes handlebars or current bag system. With two buckles and a D Ring on each strap, they are easy to attach anywhere. On the bottom side there is a 7.5" inch wide attachment strap which keeps the two belts together and can easily be used as a carrying handle when the roll is clipped together.

The bed rolls can be purchased as either just the leather harness or with varying colors that we have in stock. Colors can sell out quickly, so check back to see what options we currently have.

Prices for Leather Roll with Mexican Blanket, also include extra costs for shipping weight.

The leather we use is a shoulder hide that comes in 8 to 9 oz weight and the options are currently for Black only, unless you do a custom request. Each bed and jacket roll is hand cut, riveted and assembled in our shop to insure high quality.

Dimensions, with bed roll:

13" wide x 7" tall x 5.5" depth from front to back

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Want to view more of our custom leather work:

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