Six Speed Kill - Call Me Bronco - Split 12" Vinyl Record

Loud and abrasive rock n' roll is a pedigree of music from the Burgh. Six Speed Kill will be bringin' the heat on a brand new split 12" record with none other than Call Me Bronco and we couldn't be more stoked to finally unleash this beast, coming out in mid June. We shot two videos with Six Speed Kill at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh and Call Me Bronco has some upcoming videos ready to unleash in conjunction with their side of the split. Big thanks to our favorite Atlanta ink slinger for the great cover art on the Six Speed Kill side and to Bobby Bronco for his illustration on the Call Me Bronco side.

Track Listing:

Six Speed Kill
1. Barbarians
2. Under The Gun
3. Murderbot
4. P.H. Dealer
5. Devil’s On Time

Call Me Bronco
1. I’m Not Being Vindictive; I Just Don’t Want To Hold Hands With You
2. St. Joseph’s Burning
3. Cody’s Song
4. The Day That Punk Rock Died

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