Whiskeydick - Balcon - Mens Tshirt

At the lonesome crossroads where country and metal intersect, stand two swaggering badasses holding acoustic guitars. They're not interested in your soul they have plenty of soul already.

Cult favorites WhiskeyDick blow minds with a double barrel blast of dreadnaught shredding and hillbilly bellowing that makes you want to knock back a shot, stand up tall, and holler "Oh-hell-yeehaw!"

After some long hauls in the Whiskeydick van overlooking a majestic moutain pass in Wyoming some crazy ideas started coming together after many miles. Maybe it was the Led Zeppelin on the radio or it could have been the vast mountain forests filled with Bears and Falcons. Either way, an idea was hatched and the Balcon was fully created. Look out Chupacabra, there is a new Cryptid beast that is taking over!


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