Black Eyed Vermillion - CD - Never Shed A Bloody Tear

Brand new from deep in the heart of Texas is the latest release from Black Eyed Vermillion. This is a very special release from the amount of time labored to craft each song to the overall vibe of the album. Gary Lindsay has gone above and beyond to inject a new level of roots folklore into every song, giving a shot in the arm to the entire roots community, that has so whole heartedly embraced Black Eyed Vermillion.

With the purchase of the cd or cd package deal, each order is entered into a drawing to win the custom Box of Pine coffin and Belt Buckle to go along with the release. The drawing will be held during SXSW. View the process video below.

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Track Listing:
1. Pity The Fool
2. If Heaven Is Dry, I Don't Wanna Go
3. Pianna Tip
4. Box Of Pine
5. Buzz/Opera (III Acts)
6. Firethorn
7. Gourdian Knot
8. Finicky Beggar
9. KC's Last Slam
10. We Are The Ones

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