Motobunny - Motobunny CD

Motobunny is a brand new, Iggy-Pop-meets-Icona-Pop, American rock n' roll band. Comprised of dual-frontwomen and a band of musicians coming off international tours, With singles already spinning on Sirius/XM, KROQ (LA), WFMU, KEXP, and other legendary rock stations around the USA.

When you arm two wild front women with Detroit-laced hooks, you get MOTOBUNNY — Iggy-Pop-meets-Icona-Pop, brand new, American rock n’ roll! The debut album will be released on May 12th 2015 on Rusty Knuckles Records. With radio singles already spinning around the USA and a US tour in the works, this bunny is ready to roar.

Cds ship May 12, 2015

Side A

1. The Other Side

2. Shake Me

3. Let's Go Out

4. Red Rover

5. Drown

6. Motobunny

Side B

7. Apocalypse Twist

8. My Boyfriends A Ghost

9. You're Killing Me

10. Thinkin About Me

11. Spider & Fly

12. I wanted You

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