Antiseen - Flat Tires - Split Vinyl - Covering The Ramones

Here is the brand new split 7" vinyl you have been waiting for and is a Hail To The Chief, Johnny Ramone. A tag team, no holds barred heavy weight championship match with the Boys from Brutalsville in Antiseen and the juke joint rock n' rollers in the Flat Tires. Not only is it a one off idea but they are also each paying homage to the Ramones with a cover song. All artwork was done inhouse by Rusty Knuckles and is being screen printed by drummer du jour and former Antiseen member, Greg Clayton. The first 100 will be done on clear vinyl and only available online, while the rest will be done on white vinyl. Included will also be a band insert and digital download card.

The impetus for this album, Hail To The Chief, is an homage to the Ramones who continue to inspire and have truly influenced two of these amazing North Carolina punk bands. If you ever find yourself in Los Angeles get out to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and pay a visit to Johnny Ramone's grave and sculpture honoring his memory.

Limited to 500 copies!

Recorded at Dead Deer Studios, Lenoir, NC by Jon Bowman
mixed and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio by The Hand Of Doom, Milan, Italy

Jeff Clayton - Vocals
Joe Young - Guitar
Jon Bowman - Bass & Vocals
Phil Keller - Drums & Vocals

Flat Tires :
Clint Harrison - Vocals
Bryon Smallwood - Guitar
Jeremy Godfrey - Drums 
Scott Cline - Bass

Cover Art and Design : Rusty Knuckles
Band Photos: Russ Ward & King Johnson

SIDE A: Antiseen - Chainsaw, Flat Tires - Cretin Hop

SIDE B: Flat Tires With Jeff Clayton performing, Fornication by Antiseen

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