Flat Tires - History Repeated - Split 7" Vinyl

Storming out of the gates and ready for the long summer afternoons and cold beer, Flat Tires are poised to once again cause a stir. With their firebrand style of rowdy presence and catchy songwriting, folks all over are taking note. Recent tours with the Queers along with Agent Orange and the Dwarves are proving what these southern punks can bring to the masses.

History Repeated is a post punk band from the Washington DC area. Vocalist John Stabb has been in several bands over the years, but most know him from the time he served fronting the heavily influential 80s punk band Government Issue. Guitarist Derrick Baranowsky made a name for himself while touring with various DC bands and is known for his energy, sound, and writing style. The recent addition of bassist CF Best and drummer Mike Diana usher in a new era for the band that used to be known as Sleeper Agent!, but changed its name due to unwanted association with a Bowling Green, KY band of the same name.

Fueled by disinterest in popular culture and frustration with an industry that doesn’t care about music, History Repeated remains driven to a deep DIY ethic. History Repeated exist for the sheer fun and enjoyment of creating, recording, and playing music together.

Vinyl records will be shipping late June 2013. The vinyl comes in limited edition of 500 copies and on 5 colors. The covers are being printed on silkscreen by the one and only Greg Clayton of Antiseen fame. The final prints will vary slightly from the original art that is shown.

Side A - Flat Tires
- Summer Time
Side B - History Repeated
- The Sound

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