The Seduction - CD - Bad Seeds On Fertile Ground

The Seduction is an aggressive quartet comprised of musicians with various influences and backgrounds forged by countless hours of stereos blaring on Blue Ridge back roads. Relentlessly driven to capture what we feel is the music that pounds in our heads and pulses through our veins. We don't discriminate. We don't fit. We're four dudes writing rock and roll that knows no label. No compromise. No filler. Just gear, beer, and the determination to remain true to what we believe in. 

The brand new album, Bad Seeds On Fertile Ground dropped digitally and streaming in mid July 2016.

Track Listing:

1. Small Town Disorder
2. Corduroy
3. Damage Done
4. Whiskey Queen
5. Dust and Reason
6. The End Is Near (and Dear To My Heart)
7. Should I Cave
8. Under Cover Of Darkness
9. The Thief
10. No Recourse


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