Whiskeydick - The Bastard Sons Of Texas - CD

At the lonesome crossroads where country and metal intersect, stand two swaggering badasses holding acoustic guitars. They're not interested in your soul they have plenty of soul already.

Cult favorites WhiskeyDick blow minds with a double barrel blast of dreadnaught shredding and hillbilly bellowing that makes you want to knock back a shot, stand up tall, and holler "Oh-hell-yeehaw!"

The Fort Worth duo carry on the Texas traditions of super-powered guitar slinging and clever songwriting that make lone star music a worldwide curiosity, except Reverend Johnson will remind you more of Dimebag Darrell than Billy Gibbons and Fritz remains more lyrically akin to David Allen Coe than Robert Earl Keen.

WhiskeyDick's live show is a true spectacle: two giant, tattooed, mean-looking dudes saunter on stage and sit down in wooden folding chairs, then pick up acoustic guitars and proceed to amaze everyone by generating more power than a full band by means of Fritz's deep, rich vocals, Johnson's unapproachable acoustic guitar heroics, and their triumphant songwriting.

"We're just a train robbin', gun totin', dope smokin', guitar pickin' muthafuckin' good time band. Taking hillbilly music and spreading it across the land."

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Track Listing:

1. Whoops I Was Drunk
2. Silver Tongue Devil
3. Bastard Sons Of Texas
4. The Hanging Tree
5. Restless Heartbroke and Stoned
6. Memories Of You
7. Fast Life
8. God Damn I Need Some Whiskey
9. One More Day
10. Edna and Earl
11. Crazy Uncle Blue
12. Truck Driver Blood
13. Dead Folks A Walking Master
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