Black Leather Banjo Strap

Our banjo straps are made out of three sections of 8 oz. leather that are tanned and softened to be an easily worn for hours on end. The strap tails are punched out in our press and have 13 screw post adjustment holes for a variety of mounting adjustment lengths.

The main section of the strap is a bit over 40" long so the full size straps can adjust from roughly 48 to 62" inches. If you need a shorter strap we make a smaller version where the main strap portion is seven inches shorter at 33" inches long so the adjustment would be from 41" to 55" roughly.

The banjo straps are 2" inch wide over the shoulder and taper at the ends for true comfort, strength, and elegance. All leather edges are smooth and finished with a beveled cut and handmade in our workshop in North Carolina.

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