Make Your Own Guitar Strap From Our Build Kit - 2 Inch Wide Black Leather For Your Acoustic or Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar or Mandolin

Wanting to create your own guitar strap? We have you covered with one of the most crucial areas in attaching your strap to your guitar.

Our do it yourself build kit is created to make your project easier. If you are making a strap out of seat belt material, linen, cloth, embroidery or another material, these leather tabs are what you need and will bring much delight and reassurance that your strap ends will hold up your prized possession.

In each kit, we provide a pair of heavy duty leather end tabs.  This kit includes black leather end tabs.

The material we use is heavyweight 8 oz shoulder leather. The end tabs are riveted together to insure proper strength and will not stretch or wear out. Our button holes are cut right to size to fit either strap locks or your standard guitar end button. This will allow for easy on and off removal if need be.

Each kit includes 2 leather end tabs and 1 adjustment ring.

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