Billy Don Burns - Graveyard In Montgomery - CD

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"I was on my way to do some gigs in Alabama and Florida, heading down I-65 through Montgomery. Once again I was telling myself, “Don’t stop at Hank’s grave.” After so many trips there over the years, I had the itch to stop in once again. Twenty times, at a minimum is how many times I have walked into that graveyard. While driving, I keep telling myself, “Don’t stop, This is crazy.” Then before I could even change my mind, I rolled right on into Montgomery, made the turn and there I sat in front of his grave.

It was one hell of a storm going on. Lightning, rain, and thunder all around and there I was, alone in that graveyard. My drug addiction was peaking the red line. I fired up a hit of dope, got out of the car with my guitar, and wrote a verse of a song. I keep thinking lightening was going to strike my sick ass. Me and my guitar were soaked. I got back in the car, and finished the song. I was pretty messed up, but played a gig in Alabama that night.

The following day I stopped at a studio in Tallahassee and laid the song down. Soon after, my old, tired and troubled ass married wife #5 in Carrabelle, Florida and the song Graveyard In Montgomery was fully done. Just another day in the life of a honky tonk singer. - Billy Don Burns"


1. Neon Circus
2. Gram Parsons, Hank Williams & Me
3. This Broken Heart of Mine
4. I Need Something Real
5. The Last Thing On My Mind
6. Graveyard In Montgomery
7. Trying To Get To Memphis
8. Dead or Alive
9. Bullet Train
10. End Of The Road
11. Hey Willie

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