Richie Ramone - Cellophane - Vinyl Record

Creating vinyl and then getting it in stock ready for shipping can be a damn long process and now the wait is over. The vinyl release for Richie Ramone's album, Cellophane is done and we have them in stock starting April 7th and ready to ship and just in time for Record Store Day. These records are limited to 500 copies and all done in clear vinyl and specially printed laquer jacket. There were a few happy accidents that will make for some collectors items such as this one which got some black splatter added. Huge thanks to our friends at Musciol Recording in Ohio for consistently making the best damn records possible! Also big thanks over to Darron at DC Jam to partner up with on this great record.

Side A

1. Braggadocio
2. I Fix This
3. Cellophane
4. Just To Be Clear
5. Pretty Poison

Side B

1. Enjoy The Silence
2. Your Worst Enemy
3. What?
4. I'm Not Ready

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