Datura - The Harrowing - Black Vinyl Record

This record is Black in Color and ships the week of June 9th 2017

The component parts that make up the monstrosity that is known as Datura read like a who’s who of the North Carolina metal scene. Members Kellie Gates (vocals), Allen Foster (guitar), Raymond King (guitar), Adam Cohen (bass), and Brian Watson (drums) have graced stages across the state and beyond for years with such acts as Burn the Blood, Each Passing Moment, Chaosmic, Strength, Cycle of Violence, Fear and Loathing, Soulpreacher, Morose Vitality, Jonin, Kill the Hostage, Gross Reality, Out of Orbit, Kanishibari, and the list goes on.

The band formed in June of 2014 in Raleigh, NC when the stars (and band members’ careers) aligned to place scene veterans Foster, King, and Watson, who originally partnered with vocalist Eric Stopka (Each Passing Moment, Kanishibari) and bassist Samuel Guin, in a position to pool their collective talents and experience into a new project that would encapsulate the diverse influences and stylistic mannerisms of each member into something unique as well as timeless.

By March of that year Stopka decided to step down from his vocal duties to concentrate on his career and the band enlisted Kellie Gates (Morose Vitality) to fill the vacant slot, who brought a completely different feel and approach to the band’s still developing sound and style.

The band spent the rest of 2015 steadily gigging, building up a fanbase, and further honing and refining their repertoire. December of 2015 marked another turning point when bassist Samuel Guin decided to leave the band to concentrate on his family. Not to be deterred, the band kept its momentum going by drafting the services of Adam Cohen (Chaosmic, Out of Orbit, Ungrained), whose rock solid bass work provided the perfect anchor to Watson’s impeccable drumming and set the stage for the next evolution in the band’s sound.

In October of 2016, Datura entered Dark Pines Studios in Graham, NC with producer John E Wooten (Widow) to lay down tracks for what would become the band’s debut long player “The Harrowing.” With their debut release, Datura is poised to embark on the next phase of their incredible journey. “The Harrowing” is set to be released on June 9th, 2017.

Side A:
1. Keeper Of The Light
2. Haxan
3. Battleworn
4. Charm Of The Rat King

Side B:
5. Dying Design
6. The Harrowing
7. Shipbreaker

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