Guitar Strap with Tarot Card Illustration Made On Custom Printed Fabric and Seat Belt Material

Creating the best and most durable guitar and bass straps is our life blood. Our seat belt straps are made from a heavy duty polyester material and are 2" inches wide. We then choose from a variety of custom printed fabrics to create a unique and custom guitar strap that is easy to use, very comfortable and affordable for any musician.

At the ends of our seat belt guitar straps are a pair of leather tails in 8 oz. vegetable tanned leather. This leather is softened and shaped to be easily attached to your guitar. These straps will last for many years to come. The leather is smoothed and finished with a beveled edge. The smooth edges will insure easy maneuverability while playing as they rotate on the guitar buttons.

We choose to make our adjustments easy with a slip ring that is sewn into the strap. Even with the heaviest guitar body, these straps are made for comfort and strong. At the onset of setting up your strap, simply find the position that is comfortable and pull the strap tight. Our straps adjusts from roughly around 34" inches to 58" inches.

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