Ox Blood Red Leather Guitar Strap

Our core line of guitar straps are made from 8 oz. vegetable tanned leather that is softened and shaped to be easily worn for hours upon end. These straps are what you buy one time and will last for many years to come.

Our straps don't stretch due to the thickness of the leather and will hold your prized instrument firmly in place.

We choose to make our adjustments with screw posts as this will insure that the strap won't stretch even with the heaviest guitar body. Once your strap is locked in place it is set for every time you pick up your guitar and ready to shred.

At the onset of setting up your strap, simply set to a position that is comfortable and screw all the posts in nice and tight. The strap has screw holes stamped out for a variety of mounting options and adjusts from 46" inches to 60" inches.

The guitar strap is 2.5" inches wide at full width and then tapers on both ends.

All leather edges are smoothed and finished with a beveled cut to insure easy maneuverability while playing. The straps are smooth, but not too slick and won't slide endlessly up and down over your shoulder.

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